According to the highest international standards on Safety and Health at Work (such as BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and the EU OSH Framework Directive 89/391), Top 5 Five is specialized in planning and implementing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.


Top5Five offers a comprehensive range of safety management services in the Oil&Gas and Energy Sectors and is provided with all the necessary equipment and expertise in order to perform risk assessment and take measures to safeguard workers’ health.

Top5Five can provide QHSE consultancy as well as personnel, specialists and advisors with regard to the following activities:

  • Risk Assessment (ISO/IEC 31010:2009), including compliance support with regard to local and international regulations (ISO 31000:2009);
  • Safety & Emergency Evacuation Plans;
  • QHSE Project Planning & Coordination with regard to turnarounds and construction sites;
  • QHSE Site Supervision;
  • Chemical Exposure Hazards Assessment within workplace;
  • Fire Prevention & Protection;
  • Environmental Compliance, Analysis & Due Diligence;
  • Remediation of Oil & Gas Contaminated Sites;
  • Oil & Gas Waste Disposal Services, including tank cleaning and water treatment;


  • First-aid and Medical Treatment Services in industrial sites;
  • PPE compliance and technical tests;
  • QHSE Audits;
  • QHSE Training Programs: Top5Five organizes training courses (for managers, staff and workers) both at the client’s premises/sites and/or at its own offices.



Top5Five Software Development Unit is composed of very qualified and highly-skilled professionals in the field of Information Technology (IT) and Internet of Things (IoT). We are specialized in developing “intelligent” and tailored-made solutions, software programs and technologies that meet and exceed client’s needs and expectations. We design, install and maintain remote control, tracking and monitoring systems by internetworking (with the application of the latest developments of the Internet of Things & Industry 4.0) industrial facilities, machinery, physical and electronic items, devices, tags (both active and passive) and people (if necessary) with sensors, cameras and specific software, whether operated by means of wireless MESH networks (or similar), or accessible in CLOUD. We integrate Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things into all aspects of our business and service delivery. Among the many software programs, technologies and devices we have developed, it is worth mentioning


Top5Five technicians are qualified to perform operations of rope rescue in accordance with international standards and training requirements provided by the EU law. In fact, our team members and technicians receive specific training in our advanced camp located in Augusta, Italy. Thanks to the latest technology and training methods, Top5Five rescuing teams can truly be considered among the best workers in this sector at international level, both in terms of efficiency and flexibility.


Project Badge

Creation of web-based software system for the management of access authorizations in the industrial site. Collaboration and support to the client for the management of the side project of upgrading hardware access and printing and distribution of the new badge RFID, UHF
Priolo (sr) Italy | 2013/14

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create a software system that allows you to plot a 3D model of major accident scenarios and determine the development of the accident with macro models and micro climate.
Italy | 2013

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Risk Management

create a software system to assist in the risk assessment with an innovative methodology
Italy | 2014/11

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